Saturday, January 1, 2011

Alice in Wonderland and The last Mimzy

Hi everybody first post on this blog. Many of you may have watched the movies Alice in wonderland and The last Mimzy. Did you know that the two movies are connected? Henry Kutner the author of the short story "Mimzy Were the Borogroves" on which the movie "The last Mimzy" was based, used Alice and Lewis carol as characters. A scientist from the future experimenting on Time Travel sends two machines into the past, both loaded with his son's educational kits.The kits themselves are to train and educate the kids of the scientist's time to migrate to their adult world (Something akin to the migration of salmon for the purposes of breeding etc).

The first of the time machines lands in the time of Lewis Carol and Alice and the kit is retrieved by her. Apparently her experiences with the kit are communicated to her uncle who puts it in his work Alice in Wonderland. Alice having already grown up and conditioned to the science of our world is not able to follow the 'path' of migration. However she understands that there is such a path and requests her uncle to incorporate the intricacies of the path in the song "Mimzy Were the Borogroves".

The second kit lands later and is retrieved by a very young kid Scott, who with the help of his infant sister Emma is able to grasp the 'path'. They are helped in their endeavour, by Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland. They succesfully emigrate to the future much to the chagrin of their parents.

Of course the movie 'Last Mimzy' bears no resembelance to the original work of Henry Kuttner. But has the chief characters Emma and Scott, their parents and a spiritual history teacher. The movie has all the great ingredients as Tibetan mandalas, US govt security agencies and even INTEL corporation of the future producing molecular level processors(the Mimzy from the future contains the processor).

The one liner of the movie is that people of the future, are in the danger of losing their humanness and send mimzies into the past. the last mimzy lands with scott who builds a power generator that causes an outage requiring NSA investigation and quaratining of the family. however the kids successfully send the mimzy back to the future with a precious tear drop of emma which helps the future people hang on and reclaim all the noble human emotions.

Do read the story and watch the movie, enjoy them both. Enjoy science fiction as a genre.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fantastic voyage

This is a book which my dad recommended me to read.I havent read it yet but from what he has said im sure it'll be great!.More updates soon...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Asterix and Cleopatra

Julius Caesar is having an argument with Cleopatra,The Egyptian queen.Caesar finally says that the egyptians have done nothing great when compared to the Romans and so the romans are greater then Cleopatra's people.Cleopatra resists this and argues further.Finally Cleopatra makes a bet to Caesar thet her people will build a magnicifcent new palace for Caesar within three months.After this Cleopatra summons Edfis, one of the best architects in Egypt to complete the task.If succesful He was to be covered with gold coins otherwise the sacred crocodiles of Egypt were in for a feast!.Edfis could not defy a royal order, so he sets off to gaul to ask for help
                                                  As soon as he landed in gaul he asked the help of Getafix to build the palace.Geatfix agrees to go and with him go Asterix and Obelix.Dogmatix is forbade by Asterix not to come as he was too little for such a big journey.Obelix accepts with great resistance.
                                                  The work goes on schedule thanks to the magic potion brewed by Getafix even  they were slowed down by Artfis, an arch rival of Edfis.The building is on the verge of completion when Caesar sends some legions to interrupt.The Gauls put up a resistance.Very soon the Romans start bombarding the palace with stones.Obelix sends a message to Cleopatra through Dogmatix.Cleopatra gets to know of the recent doings of Caesar and sets off immediately to the construction site where Julius Ceasar gets a good set of scoldings from the Egyptian Queen.The Romans were ordered to repair the palace.
                                                  Cleopatra wins her bet.Finally Edfis is covered with gold,Getafix with scrolls and manuscripts.As usual a banquet is held in Armorican village without Cacofonix the bard of course!

Friday, June 13, 2008


He is Dogmatix,Obelix's dog.He his very small and is a very smart dog who starts thinking about deforestation even in that time.I mention this because Dogmatix is sad whenever a tree is felled.He can act as couriers and also hunt boars.He is the perfect dog for Obelix.
Dogmatix was first introduced in the book Asterix and the banquet.

asterix and the banquet

The Romans try to isolate the Gauls from the rest of the world by building a stockade around their village.Our friends Asterix and Obelix make a bet to the romans that they get past through their baricade and get all the local specialities from the surrounding places and give their prefect a feast.Our friends also meet many difficulties like a Gaulish traitor and theives.This is the very first book in which Obelix's dog Dogmatix is introduced.
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